• Copyright Strategy
  • Legal & Creative Direction
  • Music Business Advise

We assist artists, labels, beatmakers and producers in the international implementation and organisation of their artistic projects. During the various steps of their evolution, we take care to advise, plan, assist and defend our partners’ interests by providing diverse services such as contract negotiation, legal expertise, business affairs, label strategy, artistic direction and general administration.


  • Music Supervision
  • Executive Production
  • Publishing & Sync

We ensure the music supervision of audiovisual projects as well as the executive production of music recordings in the name and on behalf of our partners. As an independent music publisher and member of copyright collection societies, we foster the growth, strengthening and soundness of the repertoires we represent. Through our network and dedicated platform, we aim to support the development of music acts, contribute to the creation of original work and secure songs through sync, master and broadcast licenses.


  • Podcast & Clip
  • Soundtracks
  • Sound ID

We are committed to the development of meaningful projects and value their production quality. Sensitive to the aesthetics of the projects we contribute to, we give particular recognition to the emotions and values they express. Whatever the solutions we propose and implement - whether technical, financial or artistic - we strive towards the realization of original sound productions and clips in a practical way.

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  • Original Music
  • Sound Design
  • Sound Edit & Voices

We work in close collaboration with our partners on the tailor-made shaping of their soundtrack and support them in the soundscape of their projects (fiction, series, radio, tv, branding,...). Depending on their needs and taking their expectations into account, we love to take action right from the start of the reflection process, all the way through the steps of recording, creation, post-production and final delivery of the entrusted project.

RIZE Sounds is an independent sound agency based in Paris and Brussels whose main activities include music publishing, copyright administration, intellectual property advice, and phonographic production. The agency's work scope has also extended to synchronization, music supervision, sound production, original music and audiovisual content creation. At RIZE Sounds, whether we initiate artistic projects or work with our partners behind the scenes, we commit ourselves to achieving goals with passion and sincerity, by ensuring a person-centred approach within a spirit of cooperation. Established at the heart of the 131/Motif Studio Pool in Paris, our agency has access to high standard facilities and disposes of suitable technical and human resources in order to realize the projects we’ve been entrusted with.

131 Boulevard de Ménilmontant, 75011 Paris
88 rue de Mérode, 1060 Brussels